Book Review: Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 3 by Adina West (✮✮✮✮✮)


Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 3 by Adina West

Title: Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode Three

Author: Adina West

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural/Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Publisher: Momentum

Pages: 90

Publication Date: 17th July 2014

My Rating: 5/5


Hi there friends,

I’ve been really enjoying reading this series of books recently, and wanted to share a review of the forth book in the series. Adina West has written lovely short episodes which can be read in one sitting, following the story of the first book in the series – Dark Child: Omnibus Edition. If you would like to purchase the first book in the series, click the link HERE. It’s really important to read the series in order, so you’ve been forewarned! Here’s my review of the lovely episode!

I received a free eBook copy of ‘Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 3’ by the book’s publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book is technically the fourth in a series, despite being episode three. The books must be read in order, beginning with Dark Child: Omnibus Edition then following the episodes through in numerical order – otherwise nothing will make sense!

In this episode, things take a dramatic turn for the worse. Killings have begun en masse, in what they’re calling a ‘purge’. The focus of this purge is on those who are hybrids, awaiting the transition with Tabérin blood. In this episode things get personal, with home invasions hundreds of deaths and slaughter on an unimaginable scale. Not even their own homes are safe any longer. This leads our central characters on a journey like no other and is left on a whopping great cliffhanger.

Meanwhile our protagonist, Kat remains in France and is about to have a nasty surprise. Those bracelets she’s been accepting aren’t quite what she thought they were… The consequences of reaching out for help from Amarok adds another spanner to the works. Unexpected events, guests and complications in Kat’s life just make this series get better and better!

I’m throughly enjoying this series and really love the characters and West’s writing style. As a fan of science-fiction and paranormal, this supernatural book really appeals to me and I’m sure it will also do for any others who are a fan of these genres. I’d say that this series of books are more suitable for young adults and older, and make for highly enjoyable short reads. The elements of mystery and intrigue really enhance the story and the plot just keeps deepening! I can’t wait to read the next episode either!

Want to grab yourself a copy? It’s available here at Amazon UK! I hope you read and enjoy the book too. Let me know what you think if you choose to read it!

Anna x

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