Book Review: My Dad is a Loser (Barry Loser) by Jim Smith (✮)

My Dad is a Loser (Barry Loser) by Jim Smith

My Dad is a Loser (Barry Loser) by Jim Smith

Title: My Dad is a Loser (Barry Loser)

Author: Jim Smith

Genre: Funny, cartoon, children’s fiction

Publisher: Jelly Pie

Pages: 17 pages

Publication Date: 7th May 2012 

My Rating: 1/5

Hi there friends,
I feel a bit nasty only giving this book one star, but to be fair it was all it deserved. The book is ridiculously short and to be fair, plain boring. In fact, it’s not even mildly enjoyable, admittedly I’m not the audience which the book is intended for but this is not a book I’d want to share with children. A lot of words are spelt phonetically rather than in a grammatically correct manner e.g. “unkeel” instead of uncool. It’s a minor annoyance but when added up with all the other little nuances, it just doesn’t make for an enjoyable read.

The plot to the story is practically non-existent. I don’t say that lightly, it truly is a book of nothing. It’s boring, quite dull and it’s only redeeming feature is the illustrations which are quite enjoyable. I’m extremely glad that it’s a free book on Amazon and I have no intentions of either buying a physical copy of the book or ever reading it again. There are plenty more books out there which are far more suitable for younger children that they will derive a lot more pleasure from!

If you want to get a copy of it, it is free after all, you can do from Amazon UK HERE. If you read it, let me know what you thought about it. Sorry this is a bit of a negative review, I’ll be back with something a little more positive tomorrow!

Happy reading,
Anna x

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