Book Review: Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs by Deborah Elias (✮✮✮✮)

Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs by Deborah Elias

Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs by Deborah Elias

Title: Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs

Author: Deborah Elias

Genre: Funny, cartoon, fantasy children’s fiction

Publisher: Matador

Pages: 17 pages

Publication Date: 4th August 2014 

My Rating: 4/5


Hi there friends,
I’ve had the great pleasure of reading and reviewing this wonderful children’s book and I have to say I’ve throughly enjoyed reading this. It’s bright, colourful and has excellent illustrations! Here’s my review of this lovely book, I hope you enjoy reading it…
I received a free copy of this book by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
With the Tooth Fairy, Pogs, pigs and a little girl on an adventure, this book will let you know what really happens to your teeth. How does the Tooth Fairy get her money to give to you when you lose a tooth? And what simply is a Pog? You’re just going to have to read this enchanting book to find out!
This was a lovely rhyming book with gorgeous illustrations and a brilliantly funny story. It’s a book which I’m sure that children will enjoy and find greatly entertaining. It has wonderful illustrations which really add to the story and add greater depth to it too. The book is told in rhyme and this makes it much more fun to read aloud to children. I’m sure that this would be an entertaining, quick read for those who have young children who are learning to read, or simply as a fun book to use with pupils beginning to read in early years.
I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you do too! You can grab yourself a copy of the book from Amazon UK HERE. If you do read the book, make sure you comment below and let me know what you thought about it! Enjoyed my review? Click that like button and maybe even follow my future reviews.
Happy reading,
Anna x


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