Book Review: The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright (✮✮✮✮✮)

The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright (✮✮✮✮✮)

The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright (✮✮✮✮✮)

Title: The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore

Author: Pippa Wright

Genre: Young adult, women’s, chick-lit, fiction

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Pages: 464 pages

Publication Date: 26th March 2015

My Rating: 5/5

Hi there friends,

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you! This book had me laughing at loud at times and also feeling quite teary over the characters which is always a sign of an amazing book. Anyway, on with the review…

I receieved a free eBook copy of this book by the book’s publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Laura and Esther have been best friends practically all of their lives. As time passes, their differences are greater than ever. The gorgeous Laura has little desire to settle and enjoys and multitude of lovers whereas Esther longs for one true love and a family to settle down into. When Laura mysteriously disappears one day from her new life in America, Esther is left to question how close their friendship actually is…

The book flits between present day and Esther’s recollections of her childhood and growing up alongside Laura. I really enjoyed how Wright has written the story in the manner as it slowly reveals more and more information about the two girls and how their lives have shaped them into the people they are in the present day. Drew Barrymore and her ‘gospel’ is what links the two women together and makes a brilliant basis for the different chapters in their lives. With quotes from films spanning their lives, it really made the characters come to life.

When Laura disappears, Esther has a trip of a lifetime. With only a few emails and her knowledge of Laura, Esther is faced with the challenge of finding her best friend in a country she has never been to. The people she meets along the journey may not be as reliable as she may first think, and can friendships be rekindled when they’ve seemingly become a whole world apart?

A brilliant read and definitely a great summer book! 5/5 stars. There’s even a Sherlock reference in the book for the eagle eyed fans amongst you!

If you would like to obtain a copy of the book, you can do so from a variety of places. Here are a few places you can get the book, but please don’t restrict yourself to only these! Available from Amazon UK and Waterstones.

Thank you for reading,
Anna (Books and Bookends) xx

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