Book Review: The Bones of You by Debbie Howells (✮✮✮✮)

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells ()

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells (✮✮✮✮)

Title: The Bones of You

Author: Debbie Howells

Genre: Mystery, thriller, psychological, adult, fiction

Publisher: PanMacmillan

Pages: 320 pages

Publication Date: 16th July 2015

My Rating: 4/5

Hi there friends,

This has got to be, by far, the creepiest book I have read this year. Well worth a read but definitely not one for the faint hearted!

I received a free copy of this book by the book’s publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rosie is missing. She’s been missing for days. She has a violent, manipulative father who has a gleaming exterior. Rosie’s had a secret lover with a more secretive past. Her mother, chief recipient of her father’s abuse and full time alocholic. Only Kate, who has become a friend to Rosie’s mother, was one of Rosie’s only true friends and she is eager to find the truth. Rosie’s life is about to be truly discovered and the dead Rosie cannot move along until the truth is discovered…

This book was definitely different to what I would choose to read normally but I’m extremely glad I chose to read this. Howell’s characters are so intricate, complex and detailed that the careful unravelling of their lives is infinitely intriguing to read.

Families aren’t all they appear on the surface, nor are relationships or friendships for that matter. A dark and twisted story which has equally light-hearted, tender moments to provide the right balance needed for a story of its type. A thrilling read which maintained intrigue and suspense throughout. The main reason I gave the story four stars, rather than five, was the fact I had predicted the ending. However, I still enjoyed the book nonetheless.

If you like creepy murder mystery style thrillers, then this is the perfect book for you. Highly enjoyable and equally disturbing! A great book, 4/5 stars.

Would you like to get a copy of the book? Here are a few places you can do so: Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble or Waterstones. These are only a few ideas of places you can get the book from, so please don’t restrict yourself to these!

If you read the book, let me know what you think about it in the comments. And if you enjoyed reading my review, please show me by liking this post!

Happy reading,
Anna x

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