Book Review: Just Say Yes by Alyssa Goodnight (✮✮✮✮)

Just Say Yes by Alyssa Goodnight

Just Say Yes by Alyssa Goodnight (✮✮✮✮)

Title: Just Say Yes

Author: Alyssa Goodnight

Genre: Romance, contemporary, adult fiction

Publisher: Entangled Select (Entangled Publishing)

Pages: 264 pages

Publication Date: 24th August 2015

My Rating: 4/5

Hi there friends,

I’m back with another exciting review from a book I have thoroughly enjoyed reading! I hope you enjoy reading my review and like a bit of kitchen witchery yourselves…

Jade is a single Mum and feels like that is how she will remain after her bad experiences with men. Her daughter Evie, however, disagrees with this perspective entirely and is trying to become a matchmaker with a little bit of help from Opal’s kitchen witchery. When Jade is introduced to the gorgeous Max, she finds herself flirting for the first time in over a decade. So when her kitchen needs revamping and Max is up for the job, can Jade let herself trust a man again? Especially when Opal creates a Supper Club and she finds herself, Evie and Max on the guest list…

This was a brilliant read and I thoroughly enjoyed Alyssa Goodnight’s writing style. It was well paced, enthralling and at times seeing Jade’s feelings towards Max was slightly frustrating but this was executed perfectly as it just the right amount and doing this really worked well. At the start of each chapter there is a little quote from Opal (Witch in the Kitchen) which gives information about the effects of certain foods on moods and this is linked in each chapter which I really liked, even in chapters where Opal isn’t really featured.

Throughout the story I felt really sorry for Jade and the way she had been feeling after her ex-husband Chris left her in a rather unfair set of circumstances. Especially when Jade and Evie are asked out of the blue to be in attendance at Chris’ new wedding to Georgia. Jade’s job there seems really quite unfair. However, this is an enjoyable read with plenty of humour and wit which keeps this a fun read throughout.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the book, you can do so from a variety of sources including: Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble. Please don’t restrict yourself to only these options, there are lots of brilliant local bookshops that rely on your custom so please support your local booksellers.

Happy reading,

Anna 🙂 x

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