Book Review: A Reason to Grieve by Mick Williams (✮✮✮✮)

A Reason to Grieve by Mick Williams (✮✮✮✮)

Title: A Reason to Grieve

Author: Mick Williams

Genre: Death and Bereavement, Romance, fiction

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Pages: 215 pages

Publication Date: 18th August 2016

My Rating: 4/5



A Reason to Grieve

Tom and Emma drift through life, both burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Both have suffered devastating loss and have closed themselves off to the possibility of happiness. Then, at a funeral, their eyes meet and they feel something neither expected.

Supported by their quirky friends and a ‘right to the point’ pensioner, will they overcome their fears and find the solution to the pain within each other, or will they give up and go their separate ways?

In turns funny and sad, A Reason to Grieve is a romantic tale about two people fighting their feelings, about love and loss. And about funerals.

My Review

If I had only read the first few pages of this book, there’s no way I would have finished it. It starts off fairly dark and humourless but becomes a romance, which is equally humorous and touching.

Emma and Tom have a very strange connection. They see each other attending funerals of people they don’t know to try and feel emotion from the people grieving. When the wrong person is cremated the pair escape quickly together and develop an instant connection. They have a very odd and somewhat clumsy relationship because neither over them are without personal barriers from their life experiences.

By far my favourite character in the book is 79 year old Doris. She loves having her hair done by the girls in the salon and they’ve seemingly adopted her as their Mum. Doris has some fantastic anecdotes and stunning blue hair. She definitely made me laugh out loud at times!

Overall it’s a well written book that evolves into a light-hearted romance and a reminder that we should make the most of every moment life gives us.

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Author Bio

Mick Williams moved from Stoke-On-Trent, England to Kentucky, USA. Then, after almost a decade, he moved back.

In between reading, writing and listening to good music he still watches proper football and, for his sins, follows his local team Port Vale. He does also still cheer for the Indianapolis Colts.

He was adopted by two cats, Crash and Thud, and resides with his patient wife in Staffordshire.

Social Media Links – and mickwilliamsauthor on Facebook​

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