#BookReview: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre: Fantasy, romance, YA fiction

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 419 pages

Publication Date: 2nd June 2020 (New cover release)

My Rating: 5/5




Join the millions of Sarah J. Maas fans and lose yourself in a world so sumptuous that you may never want to return home … The explosive first book in the sexy and thrilling fantasy trilogy from global #1 bestselling author, now with a brand new look.

Feyre is a huntress. And when she sees a deer in the forest being pursued by a wolf, she kills the predator and takes its prey to feed herself and her family. But the wolf was not what it seemed, and Feyre cannot predict the high price she will have to pay for its death…

Dragged away from her family for the murder of a faerie, Feyre discovers that her captor, his face obscured by a jewelled mask, is hiding even more than his piercing green eyes suggest. As Feyre’s feelings for Tamlin turn from hostility to passion, she learns that the faerie lands are a far more dangerous place than she realized. And Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose him forever.

Sarah J. Maas is a global #1 bestselling author. Her books have sold more than ten million copies and been translated into 37 languages. Discover the steaming romantic fantasy for yourself.




This book is everything I hoped it would be and more. I cannot find fault with it and enjoyed every second of reading this; so much so that after finished the first book, I bought the rest of the series.

The story follows Feyre, a huntress who inadvertently kills a faerie disguised as a wolf. Despite having an inkling that the wolf is in fact a faerie, Feyre doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions as she is desperate to feed her starving family. She learns the hard way that her actions have consequences and they can be dire…

Maas has created an intricate world seamlessly with fantastic characters and a lot of heart. I loved how strong Feyre is throughout the book, as a weak human in a world full of magic, she is fierce and wonderful throughout.

The story felt fairly reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast at times, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a retelling of sorts but it certainly had some elements of it. The world is divided, the girl is captured by a ‘beast’ like character until she falls in love with him and her dad is out of touch with the rest of the world. It definitely had its similarities!

I cannot wait for the rest of the series to arrive at my door. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favourite series of all time.


Purchase a copy?

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/2ARCemv

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6 thoughts on “#BookReview: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Ahhh great review! ♥️♥️♥️ I’m so excited to start reading this after all that I’ve heard about it. Am I the only one that loves this new cover? ♥️


  2. Great review!! You’re right, it is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast! It’s one of my favourite series and it only gets better!

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