#BookReview: Total Blackout by Alex Shaw

Author: Alex Shaw

Genre: Crime, thriller, action, adventure

Publisher: HQ

Publication Date: 25th September 2020

My Rating: 4/5






When former SAS trooper and member of MI6, Jack Tate decides to take a relaxing holiday to America, the last thing he imagined would be being arrested by the police before even getting to his motel. His holiday plans of seeing the sights, relaxing and unwinding are completely thrown out of the window when he finds out there’s an assassin on the loose. Jack’s thrown straight into investigating what’s going on and doing it in style.

This is a fast-paced thriller that will have your heart racing. As Jack works tirelessly to uncover the plot, an electromagnetic pulse is used to prevent the Americans and Brits from using any form of electronic communication. With Jack racing to Washington to find his brother, time is against his as the country is thrown into total blackout.

With it being a thriller, there is obviously plenty of violence involved and lots of technical information about the guns and equipment used. The deaths in the story are fairly graphic and violent so if you’re wanting to avoid that, then this isn’t one for you. There’s definitely a lot of focus on the action and it this helps maintain the pace of the book.

A thriller that will have you hooked from the start with non-stop action and a rollercoaster ride of adventure. A gripping read from start to finish, I can’t wait to see what Alex Shaw will do next…

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