Ratings Policy

Books and Bookends has a five star rating system, which should be fairy self-explanatory. Five stars means that I have seriously LOVED reading this book and it’s amazing! That’s the kind of book I’d recommend for you to go out and buy.

Rating system

1/5 stars – Really didn’t enjoy this. Wouldn’t recommend.

2/5 stars – It’s not really my cup of tea.

3/5 stars – I like it, but it just isn’t good enough to be more highly rated.

4/5 stars – This was a good read! Really enjoyed it!

5/5 stars – Seriously AMAZING! I love this book and you should go and read it!

I reserve the right to not read and review a book if I’m not enjoying it. However, this is exceptionally rare but it has been known to happen. I’d much rather be reading something that I would enjoy.

I hope this rating system makes it clear and easy to understand. If I ever give a book half a star extra, I think it was in-between the two star ratings and couldn’t sit it in one or the other.

All the best,