Book Review: What Happens at the Beach (✮✮✮✮✮)


What Happens at the Beach by T. A. Williams (✮✮✮✮✮)

Title: What Happens at the Beach

 T. A. Williams

Genre: Romance, chick-lit, adult fiction

Publisher: Carina UK

Pages: 276 pages

Publication Date: 11th July 2016

My Rating: 5/5

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to share my review of T. A. Williams latest book! He is one of my favourite authors and I can’t recommend this summer read enough. I hope you enjoy my review!

I received a free copy of this book by the book’s publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for letting me read this!

My Review
Natalie is left embarrassed and angry by her fiancé who doesn’t stand up for her and allows his mother and sister to make cruel remarks about her. Realising they have both changed, Natalie splits from her ghastly fiancé and jets over to Southern France to see her only remaining family member, Carmina her grandmother. She can’t help but question whether her decision to do a PhD in History was worthwhile and if her ex-fiancé was right that she wouldn’t be able to find a job. For now, men are off the table and Natalie is focussed upon healing and finding a job perfect for her. However, whether or not men want to be off the cards is another question. The handsome Mark and his gorgeous labrador, Phillipe and Remy all seem to pine for her attention. Can she really be so lucky to find the perfect job and the perfect man?

I am a huge fan of T. A. Williams and eagerly anticipated his latest book! His romance/chicklit books are as always the perfect summer books and as ever, feature a gorgeous labrador. This book repeatedly put a smile on my face and quite merrily secluded me in a bubble away from the rest of the world. I ended up reading the entire book in a day it was that good!

The characters in the story really make it exceptional. There is great character development and imagery in his writing which brings the story to life. Natalie is a brilliant protagonist for the story and I absolutely adored her journey to self-discovery to find her new identity. Mark was also one of my favourite characters and his gorgeous black labrador! The true hero of the story has to be the labrador who instantly befriends Natalie and her grandmother and seems to always be there when needed. Their journey together through history was fascinating and fun to read!

I really loved the elements of history, self-discovery and friendship which were woven seamlessly into the story. I was also salivating at times whilst reading this with all of the tantalising food being described! It’s cruel to tempt readers with lovely sounding lobster, sandwiches, meats, cheese, wine and I could go on… I really fancied visiting the local cafe where Natalie helped out, the food sounded exquisite.

As ever, T. A. Williams has another brilliant read which I can’t recommend highly enough. If you want to be whisked away on holiday to France with a gorgeous, light chick-lit read then this is perfect for you! 5/5 stars!

Here’s a excerpt of this wonderful book to show you why I think it’s such a fabulous read:

Once she reached the beach and her feet touched the seabed beneath her, she glanced at her watch. She hadn’t been in the water for very long so she had time for a drink in the bar before going back to the house. She waded out onto the beach and dabbed most of the water off her with her towel before heading for the terrace. She pulled a chair out of the shade of an umbrella into the bright sunlight. She spread the towel on it and sat down, her shorts and T-shirt on the other seat beside her. Alain had seen her coming and he appeared almost immediately, wiping his hands on a cloth.

‘Natalie, hi. Now if you’d just like to sit there in your bikini looking sexy for a few hours, I’m sure you’ll encourage lots of stray men to come into my restaurant and spend their money.’

‘Don’t mind him, Natalie, he’s a Frenchman. It’s in their DNA.’ Dominique had come out behind her husband. ‘That is a very sexy bikini, though. You’re not wrong, Alain.’

Natalie looked up at the two of them and smiled, rather wishing she had put her T-shirt on before sitting down. ‘Well, even if I wanted to sit here like a mermaid luring mariners to their doom, I can’t. I’ve got to be back at the house by six and I’m dying for a drink. Any chance of a cold beer?’

Alain went in to get the drink while Dominique stood in the shade of the umbrella and chatted. ‘How’s your grandma?’

‘Great. I hope I’m as lively when I’m ninety, if I ever get there. I’ve just seen Rémy and he’s bringing me a lobster for her tomorrow.’

‘Ah, so you’ve seen the hunky Rémy, have you?’

‘Just from the shoulders up. We were in the water.’

‘Well, it’s the bits below the waterline you need to look out for. I don’t think I’ve ever had a waitress working here who hasn’t fallen for his charms. Don’t say I haven’t warned you.’

Would you like a copy?
If you would like a copy of this book, please try to get a copy from your local booksellers as they rely upon your custom. If that isn’t possible, here are some alternative places online where you can purchase the book: Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble.

If you read the book, please let me know what you think about it in the comments. And if you enjoyed reading my review, please show me by liking this post!

Happy reading,
Anna x

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